Well…the 400km didn’t go according to plan at all. The ride was going well, if with wind much stronger than expected and had 2 hours up on my plan time by the time I got to Tewkesbury even with the strongest headwind I think I’ve ridden in. At around 120 miles then my IT band seemed to go ping just as was turning to get the wind on my back into climbing Symonds Yat just on the Welsh border. Had to cycle almost with one leg for about 20 miles to limp into Chepstow and get three trains to get home.

Good points: 140 miles in a record time for me, even with the limping. 50 mile PB with about an 8 minute improvement, into the strongest headwind I’ve ever ridden in.

Bad points: now *very* concerned about my left leg. Have booked an appointment with a doctor specialising in legs/hips and my leg is still sore after a couple of days. Hope it can be sorted out trying to rest up as much as possible at the moment. Stretching seems to be ok and not too painful hope its just a strain that can be rectified.

So my plan of an Audax UK Super Randonneur series in my first season of riding Audax’s may be all but over if I can’t get a 400km in before LEL :-(

With just 10 weeks to go until the London-Edinburgh-London event, in the grand scheme the 400 might have to go by the wayside if it means a chance of recovery. Which for a single days riding is not as far, but it does now worry me the same could happen when riding LEL.

Had Garmin issues so approx 10 miles not recorded heading into Cheltenham

By Darren