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Is f1.8 really that shallow?

I’ve read many articles on photography and how in the past many SLR’s came with stock lenses that where 50mm fixed focal length. Of course there is a downside here that you don’t get the common usage of zoom and ultimately your body, feet, hands etc all become the zoom mechanism as you need to set your position to account for composition. Now I’m no expert, I just like to take the odd shot here and there but I spotted a used Nikon 50mm f1.8 online and decided to order it and add it to my glass collection which largely consists of telephoto’s but nothing faster than f3.5 (budget being a limiting factor!). I never really appreciated how little depth of field you get with f1.8 but I have to say I’m very happy with the purchase as it adds another dimension to what I can have a go at.



Twinkle in the Garden

Its been a while since I picked up the camera. The D90 has been feeling a little left out so given the sunshine and the cat being lazy under a tree I wondered if she would allow me to take a shot or two. Here’s one of the keepers.