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How to use maps on a Garmin GPS

Its possible to save yourself some cash when purchasing a Garmin Edge 800 without any Garmin maps or from needing to upgrade any delivered Garmin maps as maps from the project can be used quite easily on the Garmin, here’s how. The maps are routable in most cases, can have contours or even versions that look like OS maps.

  1. Go to the Openstreetmap Wiki and click on a map provider for your country / area of interest. As I’m in the UK I use maps from the Several European Countries section, specifically from Talkytoaster.
  2. You have to enable data recording on the SD card by changing the settings: Settings > Data Recording > Record to memory card.
  3. Place a blank SD card in your Garmin, turn it on and then start the timer. This will create the proper directories on the SD card automatically. Or use the SD card your Garmin was delivered with, just don’t delete the original map files (*.img files)
  4. Plug your Garmin into your computer. Depending on your computer, you will probably be prompted to open a folder to view the files on both the main unit and the SD card. Otherwise, navigate to the drive/folder your computer assigned to your SD card.
  5. After downloading the IMG file from the map provider, copy the IMG file to the SD cards “GARMIN” folder that was created earlier.
  6. The SD card can have multiple IMG files on it and you can choose between them in the Edge 800 configuration menu.
  7. Once the file is copied, safely remove (right click on the icon in the lower right of screen for Windows users) the SD card from your computer.
  8. Insert the card and power up the Garmin.
  9. Go to the configuration menu, then System -> Map -> Map Information, and select the map type.
  10. Simples!

JoGLE Kit List

This is the complete packing list taken on my JoGLE. Maybe a little too much in some areas, remember everything you take you have to carry so ditching some stuff that you can pick up on route is a good idea.

Bike Bits
2 x water bottles
2 x Altura Pannier covers (for very wet days!)

Tool Kit
6 x disposable all purpose cloths
3 x spare spokes (taped to pannier rack)
2 x toe clip straps (to help removing / replacing Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres)
3 x spare tubes
2 x quick links (emergency chain links)
2 x tyre levers
1 x strong tape (electrical tape will do)
1 x puncture repair kit
1 x chain link tool
1 x adjustable spanner
1 x multi tool / Allen keys
1 x tyre boot (8” section of old tyre)
1 x small bottle of synthetic lube
1 x spoke tool
1 x Leatherman Wave (doubles as can opener, emergency tools, pliers and wire cutters)
N x disposable latex gloves (for bike repairs – keeps hands clean, oil free)
N x cable ties (a reasonable number)

On the Bike
1 x pump
1 x front bike light (batteries replaced before leaving)
1 x rear bike light (batteries replaced before leaving)

Clothes / On the bike
2 x short sleeve cycling tops
2 x cycling shorts
2 x pairs cycling socks
1 x long sleeve jersey
1 x fingerless cycling gloves
1 x waterproof / breathable cycling jacket (Altura) (doubles as wind proof)
1 x pair Soloman walking shoes (on and off bike shoes in one)
1 x pair of sandles (rainy days)
1 x sunglasses / cycling glasses
1 x helmet
1 x helmet shower cap (lost on day 3!)

Clothes / Off the bike
1 x micro-fibre lightweight fleece
1 x lightweight “zip-off” trousers
1 x three quarter length shorts
1 x T shirt
2 x socks
2 x underwear

Toiletries / Medical
1 x Assos chamois cream
1 x Nurofen / Ibuprofen
1 x factor 30 sun cream (small bottle)
1 x toilet paper
1 x toothbrush
1 x toothpaste
1 x deodorant
1 x hand sanitizer
1 x moisturiser (Aqueous cream)
1 x small shower gel
1 x pack of assorted plasters
1 x immodium plus

Tech Stuff / Other
Powered USB Hub for charging USB devices
Google (Asus) Nexus 7 Tablet + USB cable
Garmin Edge 800 Sat Nav + USB cable
Samsung Galaxy S + USB cable (also used as mobile WiFi hotspot for the Nexus and for Music)
New Trent iCruiser IMP1000 battery pack + charger (on the road charging for Phone and Garmin)
Panasonic Lumix Digital Camera + charger
USB stick with copies of GPX route files

General Day to Day (Bar Bag)
Philips Compact Atlas of Britain
Bungee cords – used to secure bike on train and stuff on top of pannier rack
Small note book & pen
Hotel information / phone numbers / postcodes
Train tickets / information
Insurance information (travel insurance, bike insurance)
Money, credit cards
ID Bracelet

Daily Food / Fluids
Enough food for the day purchased / stocked up the day before