This is the complete packing list taken on my JoGLE. Maybe a little too much in some areas, remember everything you take you have to carry so ditching some stuff that you can pick up on route is a good idea.

Bike Bits
2 x water bottles
2 x Altura Pannier covers (for very wet days!)

Tool Kit
6 x disposable all purpose cloths
3 x spare spokes (taped to pannier rack)
2 x toe clip straps (to help removing / replacing Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres)
3 x spare tubes
2 x quick links (emergency chain links)
2 x tyre levers
1 x strong tape (electrical tape will do)
1 x puncture repair kit
1 x chain link tool
1 x adjustable spanner
1 x multi tool / Allen keys
1 x tyre boot (8” section of old tyre)
1 x small bottle of synthetic lube
1 x spoke tool
1 x Leatherman Wave (doubles as can opener, emergency tools, pliers and wire cutters)
N x disposable latex gloves (for bike repairs – keeps hands clean, oil free)
N x cable ties (a reasonable number)

On the Bike
1 x pump
1 x front bike light (batteries replaced before leaving)
1 x rear bike light (batteries replaced before leaving)

Clothes / On the bike
2 x short sleeve cycling tops
2 x cycling shorts
2 x pairs cycling socks
1 x long sleeve jersey
1 x fingerless cycling gloves
1 x waterproof / breathable cycling jacket (Altura) (doubles as wind proof)
1 x pair Soloman walking shoes (on and off bike shoes in one)
1 x pair of sandles (rainy days)
1 x sunglasses / cycling glasses
1 x helmet
1 x helmet shower cap (lost on day 3!)

Clothes / Off the bike
1 x micro-fibre lightweight fleece
1 x lightweight “zip-off” trousers
1 x three quarter length shorts
1 x T shirt
2 x socks
2 x underwear

Toiletries / Medical
1 x Assos chamois cream
1 x Nurofen / Ibuprofen
1 x factor 30 sun cream (small bottle)
1 x toilet paper
1 x toothbrush
1 x toothpaste
1 x deodorant
1 x hand sanitizer
1 x moisturiser (Aqueous cream)
1 x small shower gel
1 x pack of assorted plasters
1 x immodium plus

Tech Stuff / Other
Powered USB Hub for charging USB devices
Google (Asus) Nexus 7 Tablet + USB cable
Garmin Edge 800 Sat Nav + USB cable
Samsung Galaxy S + USB cable (also used as mobile WiFi hotspot for the Nexus and for Music)
New Trent iCruiser IMP1000 battery pack + charger (on the road charging for Phone and Garmin)
Panasonic Lumix Digital Camera + charger
USB stick with copies of GPX route files

General Day to Day (Bar Bag)
Philips Compact Atlas of Britain
Bungee cords – used to secure bike on train and stuff on top of pannier rack
Small note book & pen
Hotel information / phone numbers / postcodes
Train tickets / information
Insurance information (travel insurance, bike insurance)
Money, credit cards
ID Bracelet

Daily Food / Fluids
Enough food for the day purchased / stocked up the day before

By Darren